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GnomeWood COVID-19 Policy

Our Gnomes place everyone's safety first and foremost. Participation in the Fair, and by extension, participation in the GnomeWood camping scene involves the same risks as other social activities during these challenging times. Everyone needs to assess their own risk factors and determine if participation is right for them. Everyone participates at their own risk.
We understand that the Oregon Country Fair is allowing day attendees to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test that was administered within 24 hours of attending. However, the Fair is also requiring all volunteers, vendors, and others who camp at the Fair to be vaccinated because there is no way to enforce a negative test within 24 hours rule for any kind of extended camping stay. Likewise, GnomeWood does not have the resources to provide widespread checking of negative test status for campers on a daily basis, and for campers to get such testing each day of the event is not practical.
For these reasons, GnomeWood will require campers who are eligible for vaccinations to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated. Currently, that is everyone above the age of 5 years old and includes requirements for having a booster shot for many individuals who have already been vaccinated. For more information and to see what the Fair's vaccination requirements are, visit
The mayor of GnomeWood reserves the right to offer limited exceptions to people who qualify for religious or medical exemptions as provided for by the Oregon Country Fair. Anyone wishing such accommodations will need to call us to inquire about possible arrangements. Anyone seeking such an exception will have to provide proof of negative COVID-19 test, administered within 24 hours and the appropriate exemption form BEFORE being permitted onto the site, AND will be required to leave the following morning unless able to provide an additional negative COVID-19 test administered within 24 hours sufficient to allow one to enter the Fair for a second day (we realize this is almost logistically impossible). Because enforcing this policy regarding vaccination exceptions puts a significant strain on our Gnome community, we reserve the right to limit the number of exceptions offered.