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  1. From Interstate 5, take either Exit 195B or 195A, depending on the direction you are coming from. You want to end up on OR-569 (Randy Pape Beltline) heading West toward Florence/Junction City/Eugene Airport.
  2. Take OR-569W (BeltLine Hwy) for 6.2 miles to exit 6.
  3. Take exit 6 toward Airport Junction City/Eugene ,
  4. Turn left (Northwest) at bottom of off-ramp and go 0.5 mile to Clear Lake Road
  5. Turn left onto Clear Lake Rd
  6. Head west on Clear Lake Rd
  7. Head west on Clear Lake Rd for 8.3 miles toward Territorial Rd
  8. Turn left onto Territorial Rd
  9. Head south on Territorial Rd for 3.7 miles toward Warthen Rd
  10. Turn right onto Warthen Rd and go 1.7 miles
  11. Turn left onto Evers Rd
  12. Head south on Evers Rd for 1 mile toward Suttle Rd
  13. Turn left onto Suttle Rd and go 0.2 mile
  14. 24234 Suttle Rd will be on the right